We are erdbär

With our fun and innovative brands, we at erdbär put the fun in healthy, so kids eat better.

We have been pursuing this mission since our founding in 2010 by Natacha and Alexander Neumann. This was the moment when Freche Freunde was born.

Freche Freunde stands for yummy and playful 100% organic snacks for on-the-go that introduce kids to a lifelong friendship with fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, our range consists of more than 100 different products, as well as a multimedia-based world around Carl Carotte and his cheeky friends.

We believe that an early friendship with fruit and vegetables is the best way to ensure positive eating habits for a lifetime. This is why Freche Freunde helps parents to make this challenge as easy as possible, by offering  “an early friendship with fruit and veg” from their first exposure to food through to their early school years.

But we did not stop there! In 2018, our Rebelicious brand came to life, to help all school children eat better and do better! Rebelicious, with its range of breakfast cereals, rebels against everything unhealthy, as well as everything unfair and dumb! We empower children to improve their own lives and support them in improving what they eat, as well as fight the injustices of this world, for example bullying in schools.

As young parents who want only the best future for their three children, Alex and Natacha Neumann know how important it is to do business responsibly. For this reason, they go beyond their mission to have a positive impact on children's eating habits, and actively work to decrease their ecological footprint. Since March 2016, erdbär is a B Lab certified company and is part of a group of international businesses that aim to be the best in the world, as well as the best for the world and a force for good.

With this in mind, we are one of the 500 B Corp companies to have committed to being climate neutral by 2030. We strive to continuously improve ourselves by increasing our positive impact both socially and environmentally.

We are a modern and innovative company that does not have a traditional corporate structure. We are a group of motivated individuals, who work together as a team based on trust, respect and responsibility. To proactively achieve our mission and work for a purpose, we are self-managed and self-organized. This is how we manage to better meet the needs and desires of our consumers, while together ensuring a better world for future generations.




Fun organic snacks for kids made of fruit and vegetables! 100% organic, additive free, practical for on-the-go and always fun and delicious. Perfect for making friends with fruit and vegetables.

Baby Freche Freunde (GERMAN BRAND)

Mit Baby Freche Freunde erweitern wir das Produktsortiment für Babys bei Freche Freunde und sind mit unserem Beikost Gläschen-Sortiment sowie weiteren praktischen Beikost-Snacks noch gezielter für einen entspannten Start in das Abenteuer Ernährung an der Seite von Eltern.

Rebelicious (German Brand)

With our breakfast cereals we’re taking a stand against everything unhealthy and unfair and empowering school kids to eat better and do better. Our 100% organic cereals contain 40-50% less sugar than comparable products and plenty of wholegrain.

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