We are erdbär GmbH

With our colourful and playful brands we put the fun in healthy so kids eat better - our mission we have been pursuing since 2010. This was the moment when Freche Freunde were born.

Freche Freunde stand for yummy and playful 100% organic snacks for on-the-go that introduce kids to a lifelong friendship with fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, our range consists of more than 100 different products, as well as a multimedia-based world around Carl Carotte and his cheeky friends.

There is even more! In 2018 we brought a new brand with a very special rebellious mission to life: with Rebelicious we are starting a rebellion against everything that ends up with way too much sugar and additives on our breakfast plates. Therefore, we are setting a sign for better cereals that don’t need piles of sugar.

As young parents who want only the best for their three children, Alex and Natacha Neumann know how important it is to do responsible business. For this reason, they go beyond their mission to have a positive influence on children's eating habits, and actively work to decrease their environmental footprint. Since March 2016, the start-up is a B Lab certified company and belongs to a group of international businesses aiming to be the best in the world, as well as the best for the world.

Who is behind of all of this? We are a team of 80 motivated people, who aim to change the eating habits of our future generations. We joined together as the goodforgrowth team in order to make the brands of the erdbär GmbH as playful as possible.



Organic snacks for kids made of fruit and vegetables! 100% organic, additive free, practical on-the-go and always fun and delicious – Making friends with fruit and veg.

Rebelicious (German Brand)

With our breakfast cereals we’re taking a stand against those who need cute animals to make their products tasty! We can do cereals so much better: 100% organic ingredients, 30-40% less sugar content than comparable products and always with wholegrain. Be rebelicious!

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